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Environmental Law

Perhaps one of the most complicated areas of the law is environmental law. Environmental cases often involve areas of property law, estate law, personal injury law, regulatory/administrative law, contract law, and mineral law all rolled into one, not to mention the potential applicability of state law and federal law. Whether you’re a Plaintiff or a Defendant, navigating the complexities of the various areas of law to bring your environmental case to a successful resolution requires attorneys experienced in all of these areas and law firms are not created equal when it comes to environmental cases. Having represented thousands of clients over the years, our attorneys are especially adept at assisting you in your legal matters including:

  • Toxic air releases and personal injuries caused as a result
  • Contamination of your land, water, soil with chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Regulatory compliance and Administrative Law
  • Water pollution
  • Spills and leaks from pipelines and other equipment
  • Ground Water contamination
  • Drinking Water contamination
  • Industrial explosions and fires
  • Spills/Leaks from rail cars and tractor trailers
  • Environmental Crimes and Defense

If you find yourself in the midst of an environmental issue, don’t rely on attorneys who do not have the necessary experience in all aspects of environmental law to properly advise you. Call us for a consultation to assist you.

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